Visibility into Mobile Performance

Steve Souders (SpeedCurve)
11:00am–11:30am Tuesday, 03/15/2011
Location: Online Room

The first step in improving performance is measuring performance. The last few years have witnessed the birth of numerous performance tools including Firebug, YSlow, Page Speed, HttpWatch, Speed Tracer, dynaTrace, WebPagetest, Web Inspector, and Chrome Dev Tools. But none of these tools measure mobile performance. Although the offering for mobile performance tools is small, some do exist. Join Steve Souders as he shows what’s available today for gaining visibility into mobile performance.

Photo of Steve Souders

Steve Souders


Steve works at SpeedCurve on the interplay between performance and design. He previously served as Google’s Head Performance Engineer, Chief Performance Yahoo!, and Chief Performance Officer at Fastly. Steve has pioneered much of the work in the world of web performance. He is the author of High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites. He is the creator of many performance tools and services including YSlow, the HTTP Archive, Episodes, ControlJS, and Browserscope. Steve taught CS193H: High Performance Web Sites at Stanford and serves as co-chair of Velocity, the web performance and operations conference from O’Reilly.