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Ruby on Rails Community Shines at RailsConf 2010

[O'Reilly News]
by Maureen Jennings  Jul. 07, 2010
Sebastopol, CA, July 7, 2010 - More than 1300 enthusiastic Rails developers and programmers met and collaborated at RailsConf 2010. Co-produced by Ruby Central and O'Reilly Media, the world's largest gathering of the passionate Ruby on Rails community convened at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD, June 7-10, 2010.… read more

[RailsConf 2010] - Video Interview - Robert Martin

by Robert Martin  Jun. 16, 2010
I still didn't finish compiling all the videos or even writing the main article of the event, but I was getting anxious to publish this video with Robert Martin, that I was able to record in Baltimore. It is a 16 min long conversation about languages, career, certifications and Agile... read more

RailsConf 2010: Gary Vaynerchuk

by unknown  Jun. 17, 2010
Here is a guy who gets it in so many ways that years from now we will all be looking back on his common sense thinking about how the internet, social media, etc is changing things from business to personal and think wow this guy is brilliant. There is such… read more

RailsConf 2010

by John Nunemaker  Jun. 16, 2010
Unless you were born in a barn, you probably know that last week was RailsConf. Let me tell you folks, we had a blast. Several of the locals (Northern Indiana represent!) and I loaded up in a Dodge Sprinter and road tripped to Baltimore ... read more

RailsConf 2010: wrap-up ...

by Eugene Toporov  Jun. 16, 2010
Well, of course, the RailsConf was also work for us. But it is SO much different that, at some moment, you forget about it. David Chelimsky and Roman Chernyatchik During the last days quite a lot of things happened. ... read more


[Sheridan Libraries Travels]
by Jonathan Rochkind  Jun. 16, 2010
Rails is a web application framework that is used by both the Blacklight and Umlaut (Find It) applications we use here. I attended RailsConf, a conference dedicated to Rails, June 7-10 here in Baltimore... read more

RailsConf 2010: wrap-up ...

[JetBrains RubyMine Blog]
by Eugene Toporov  Jun. 16, 2010
Well, of course, the RailsConf was also work for us. But it is SO much different that, at some moment, you forget about it. David Chelimsky and Roman Chernyatchik During the last days quite a lot of things happened. ... read more

NoSQL at RailsConf 2010: An Ecommerce Example

[End Point Blog]
by Steph Powell  Jun. 14, 2010
Even more so than Rails 3, NoSQL was a popular technical topic at RailsConf this year. I haven't had much exposure to NoSQL except for reading a few articles written by Ethan (Quick Thoughts on NoSQL Live Boston Conference, NoSQL Live: ... read more

RailsConf 2010 - Editor's Field Journal

by Colleenish  Jun. 14, 2010
Ben Scofield, one of the co-chairs of the conference (with Chad Fowler), started out the first morning by mentioning some of the topic areas that weren't a big focus at this year's RailsConf, including Rest, Rack, and Rails3. ... read more

Rails Conf 2010 Day 3

by Jake Scruggs  Jun. 14, 2010
Yep, I could feel cold coming but I was in denial. I ran into Neal Ford at breakfast and we chit chatted about this and that and then he mentioned that he had read my blog post from yesterday. First thought: I published that sucker at 1am this morning and… read more

RailsConf 2010: The Ruby on Rails Community - Web Development by ...

by Joe Sak  Jun. 12, 2010
I just returned from Baltimore, home of RailsConf 2010. It was my first ever conference (Rails or otherwise), and it was an incredible experience thanks to the amazing community and the many takeaways. ... read more

RailsConf 2010 Day 3

[coding in the rain]
by Andrew Carter  Jun. 14, 2010
My third RailsConf in the books. Like any conference, there were good and bad sessions. But I love the inspiration I get from being around so many people working on things they care about. ... read more

RailsConf 2010 - Thank You!

by Daniel Wanja  Jun. 10, 2010
Wow, RailsConf is over. It ended nicely with @garyvee giving a powerful and entertaining keynote covering many subjects but mostly his standard spiel on connecting with your customers or audience. I read his book, crush it, ... read more

RailsConf 2010: Gary Vaynerchuk - New Economic Thought

by Michael Jung  Jun. 13, 2010
GaryVee hugging and kissing another unforgettable keynote... read more

RailsConf 2010: Must See Videos

[Code Benders]
by Taus  Jun. 12, 2010
RailsConf was great this year. Got to meet a bunch of new people that I hope to keep in touch with. After a crazy flight back to the west coast... read more

RailsConf 2010: Ruby Heroes Awards Ceremony

[ Tech TV]
by admin  Jun. 12, 2010
read more

RailsConf 2010: Chad Fowler & Ben Scofield, "Welcome and ...

[ Tech TV]
by admin  Jun. 12, 2010
RailsConf 2010: Chad Fowler & Ben Scofield, "Welcome and Announcements" video... read more

RailsConf 2010: Presentation Final Release

[Idapted TechTeam]
by guolei  Jun. 10, 2010
RailsConf 2010: From 1 to 30 - How to refactor one monolithic application into an application ecosystem... read more

Rails 3 at RailsConf 2010: Code Goodness

[End Point Blog]
by Steph Powell  Jun. 10, 2010
At RailsConf 2010, popular technical topics this year are Rails 3 and NoSQL technologies. My first two articles on RailsConf 2010 so far (here and here) have been less technical, so I wanted to cover some technical aspects of Rails 3 ... read more

RailsConf 2010: Dig Into the Code

[New York Times]
by Jacqueline Maher  Jun. 10, 2010
We've been at RailsConf in Baltimore this week, checking out the talks and demos. The prevailing message is one of encouragement: don't think you have enough skills to contribute to a project like Rails? Think again... read more

RailsConf day #3 photos and videos

[John McCaffrey's blog]
by J. Mccaffrey  Jun. 10, 2010
Photos from the day... read more

Quarter_time: progeny of RailsConf

[Ethan's Software Blog]
by Ethan Vizitei  Jun. 10, 2010
Sometimes the best part of going to these conferences is the energy you get from being around so many people who are interested in the same stuff. Thanks RailsConf, and I'll see you next year. ~Etahn. Posted by Ethan Vizitei at 8:46 AM ... read more

coding in the rain RailsConf 2010 Day 2

by Andrew Carter  Jun. 10, 2010
RailsConf 2010 Day 2. Jun 09 2010. The second day of RailsConf was another long one. My session choices were more misses than hits today. Keynote. I didn't find either the keynote by Neal Ford or Evan Phoenix particularly compelling. ... read more

DHH's RailsConf 2010 Keynote Video: A Justification of Rails 3.0

by Peter Cooper  Jun. 10, 2010
DHH's RailsConf 2010 Keynote Video: A Justification of Rails 3.0. by Peter Cooper. DHH gives an insightful and accessible 38 minute walkthrough of some of Rails 3's differences from Rails 2.0 and explains the motivations behind them. ... read more

RailsConf day #2

[John McCaffrey's blog]
by J. Mccaffrey  Jun. 09, 2010
Photos from day 2 of Railsconf. Great opening keynotes, good sessions, great side chats with a variety of people throughout the day, and a strong, bouncy finish at Luckie's Tavern. (which left me exhausted and tired the next day)... read more

Rails 3.0 Beta 4 Released

by Muktware Bureau  Jun. 09, 2010
Ruby on Rails project has announced the release of Rails 3 beta 4. David June, posts on the project blog, "RailsConf 2010 is underway and what better occasion to do the final stage of the Rails 3 beta program... read more

Rails 3.0 release candidate unexpectedly delayed at last minute

by Paul Krill  Jun. 09, 2010
After expecting to put out a release candidate Tuesday of Ruby on Rails 3.0, the latest major upgrade to the popular Web development framework, developers of Rails instead decided to put out a fourth beta version and wait until the end of the week for the release candidate... read more

BohConf: The Best Ruby Conference Ever

by Gregory Brown  Jun. 08, 2010
I have to admit, I have avoided RailsConf over the years because it didn't seem to be my kind of thing. While I work day to day in Rails, most of my coding is on backend and infrastructure work, so I'm able to get by with only a working knowledge… read more

Engineering Code: Rubinius 1.0 at RailsConf

by Neil  Jun. 09, 2010
DataMapper 1.0 was demonstrated with Rubinius 1.0 at RailsConf. Rubinius has a built-in profiler -Xprofile. Also a sampling profiler which will show a high-level view of where your code spends its time - but with a negligible CPU... read more

RailsConf 2010 day 2 recap

[JetBrains RubyMine Blog]
by Eugene Toporov  Jun. 09, 2010
Nice to meet some familiar faces from RailsConf 2009. Dmitry: Gave a RubyMine talk. Went quite well. No hiccups with RubyMine during the demo even though used the latest 2.5 nightly build. Visited a couple of interesting sessions on... read more

Slides from Ignite Railsconf 2010 – Smarticus

by Byanl  Jun. 09, 2010
This short presentation was a blast to give. Some people mentioned that wanted to see the slides, so here they are. I should do another post to follow up with my complete arsenal... read more

coding in the rain -RailsConf 2010 Day 1

by Andrew Carter  Jun. 09, 2010
As usual, RailsConf was an exciting torrent of information. I'm very experienced now in Ruby and Rails so I don't get overwhelmed like when I first started with it. Now my brain goes into overdrive as I think about all the ways to... read more

Rails Conf 2010 Day 1

by Jake Scruggs  Jun. 09, 2010
Anyway, here's my thoughts on Rails Conf Day the First interspersed with relevant tweets in italics and director's commentary. (Is this Lazy? Yes -- Bite me.) Woke up to "Theme Song from Shaft"... read more

RailsConf Day 1

[Chris Allport's Blog]
by Chris Allport  Jun. 09, 2010
RailsConf Day 1. Today was a full day of conference action. I was able to hang through it all by a thread. Unfortunately, I feel as bad as I did yesterday. Don't worry, I won't give a minute by minute rundown on that again... read more

RailsConf 2010 Rate a Rails Application: Day One, Session One ...

by Steph Powell  Jun. 08, 2010
My first session at RailsConf 2010 was one that I found valuable: 12 hours to Rate a Rails Application presented by Elise Huard. Elise discussed the process of picking up a Rails application and analyzing it, rather than being the ... read more

Final Ruby on Rails 3.0 Beta Due at RailsConf, RC to Follow

[eWeek.com News]
by Darryl K. Taft   Jun. 08, 2010
The Ruby on Rails community is set to release a final beta of Rails 3.0 as early as June 8 and to deliver a Release Candidate (RC) of the latest version of the popular web framework by June 11. Meanwhile, the outline for Rails 3.1 is being plotted... read more

RailsConf Dispatch - Test Always?

by Jeremy Weiland  Jun. 08, 2010
There were two conveniently sequential presentations today at RailsConf that reminded me of some thoughts I'd had regarding testing: Michael Feathers' talk on legacy code and Glenn Vanderberg's talk on real software engineering... read more

RailsConf Dispatch - Rescue Missions

by Jeremy Weiland  Jun. 07, 2010
The first tutorial class at RailsConf on Rails Anti-Patterns has been phenomenal and incredibly validating given my experiences with consulting. Tammer Saleh gave a wonderful talk on how to handle troubled legacy codebases - what he ... read more

Real Software Engineering (at RailsConf)

[Engineering Code]
by Neil  Jun. 08, 2010
Real Software Engineering (at RailsConf). Glenn Vanderburg is analyzing how software engineering was defined by in the late 1960s and how we got to where we are today. If software engineering is not defined by the waterfall development ... read more

Garbage Collection and the Ruby Heap (from railsconf) at time to ...

by Joe Damato  Jun. 08, 2010
Technical ramblings from a wanna-be unix dinosaur... read more

Intrideans at RailsConf 2010

by Renae Bair  Jun. 07, 2010
This year we have three Intrideans giving presentations at RailsConf 2010 in Baltimore, MD, as well as several other teammates attending the event. We're thrilled that our developers are active members of the Rails community and we support their endeavors to share their knowledge with the larger ecosystem... read more

RubySalsa at Ignite RailsConf 2010

Jun. 08, 2010
The RubySalsa team catches up with some folks at Ignite RailsConf 2010. This promises to be a great conference... read more

Ruby on Rails Creator Disses Ballmer, Microsoft

by Darryl K. Taft  Jun. 08, 2010
Hansson is slated to take the stage at RailsConf 2010 in Baltimore, the annual event for Ruby on Rails developers, to deliver a keynote on June 8. We shall see if he uses that platform to take more shots at Ballmer. Whatever he says, DHH never fails to entertain as… read more

ETC's SmartLogic Solutions Hosts BohConf

Jun. 08, 2010
BohConf is the official RailsConf 2010 unconf. SmartLogic Solutions (SLS) has organized a conference focused on Ruby on Rails to take place alongside RailsConf 2010. Approximately 1,500 programmers who use Ruby on Rails - a particular Web application model - will be in attendance... read more

Chris Allport's Blog: RailsConf Tutorial Day: Drinking from a Fire ...

by Chris Allport  Jun. 08, 2010
Below is a rundown of my first day at RailsConf. In the end, I had a good time and learned a lot. But it was a tough road since I probably should have stayed in my hotel room to get over a pretty bad cold. ... read more

John McCaffrey's blog: Photos from RailsConf 2010 day 1

[John McCaffrey's blog]
by J. Mccaffrey  Jun. 08, 2010
It was a good start, I met with some awesome people and already have a few more things to check into to improve the performance of tests... read more

Railsconf attendees networking over breakfast - once bitten

Jun. 07, 2010
Railsconf attendees networking over breakfast - Loading mentions Retweet. Comments (0). Leave a comment... To leave a comment on this posterous, please login by clicking one of the following. Posterous-login twitter ... read more

RubyMine at RailsConf 2010

[JetBrains RubyMine Blog]
by Eugene Toporov  Jun. 07, 2010
RubyMine at RailsConf 2010. June 7th, 2010 by Eugene Toporov. So, we are here in Baltimore, MD, registered at RailsConf and looking forward to an exciting event. If you are at the conference, do not miss out booth—we can show you some ... read more

RailsConf 2010 - Baltimore

by Daniel Wanja  Jun. 07, 2010
Here we go again RailsConf 2010 has started. The keynotes will be streamed online at http://railsconf.com and the slides of the presentation will also be posted there. I'll provide more links once they become available. ... read more

RailsConf, Here We Come!

[Engine Yard Ruby on Rails Blog]
by Leah Silber  Jun. 07, 2010
It's another year, and time for another RailsConf! The Engine Yard crew is on-site in force, as usual, and we're excited to meet you! We're set up right in. read more

See you at RailsConf

Jun. 04, 2010
As in year's past, the majority of thoughtbot will be at RailsConf this year. In addition to just attending, we're lucky to be involved in 3 sessions: Avoiding and Fixing Rails AntiPatterns I'll be running (along with Tammer Saleh) a ... read more

Got News? Tell us all about it at RailsConf

by mmalloy  Jun. 03, 2010
Do you want to promote your company? Your open source project? Yourself? If you would like a forum for promoting your Rails-based company or project, stop by our booth at RailsConf in Baltimore June 7-10. ... read more

Google Hackfest and Reception at RailsConf : Google Adsense ...

Jun. 05, 2010
We know developers attending RailsConf are ready to roll up their sleeves to start hacking, so Google is hosting a hackfest and reception at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel read more

Live from Railsconf

by Sergio Bogazzi  Jun. 01, 2010
Join me on Monday, June 5, 2010 as I start a week of live blogging from Railsconf in Baltimore Maryland. You can also link to the wave directly by clicking... read more

Hack on Google Storage Service at RailsConf 2010

[RailsConf news (via Google blog search)]
by Seth Ladd  Jun. 05, 2010
The Ruby on Rails community will be converging in Baltimore between June 7 and 10 for RailsConf 2010. Google will be on hand to take in the great talks, speak about OAuth, OpenID and the Google Data APIs and Scaling Rails on App Engine ... read more

Google Hackfest and Reception at RailsConf

[Google Code Blog]
by Mike Marchak  Jun. 04, 2010
Many of the developer and enterprise products presented at Google I/O are of great interest to the Rails Community. We know developers attending RailsConf are ready to roll up their sleeves to start hacking, so Google is hosting a ... read more

Engine Yard Introduces xCloud Ruby on Rails Platform-as-a-Service

[eWeek.com News]
by Darryl K. Taft  Jun. 03, 2010
Engine Yard, a Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) provider for Ruby on Rails, has introduced Engine Yard xCloud, an expansion of the company's platform for deploying and managing Ruby applications in the cloud. - Engine Yard, a Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) provider for Ruby on Rails, has introduced Engine Yard xCloud, an expansion of the… read more

Look for Us at RailsConf 2010

[New York Times]
by Jacqueline Maher  Jun. 02, 2010
This is a short post to say that two members of The Times's Interactive News team will be in sunny Baltimore next week: Derek Willis and I will be attending RailsConf 2010... read more

JRuby on App Engine: Google App Engine 0.0.13 gems released

by John Woodell  May. 26, 2010
Ryan Brown and I will be giving a talk at RailsConf, "Scaling Rails on App Engine with JRuby and Duby". David Masover will also be there to bring us up-to-speed on the work he's doing with the DataMapper adapter... read more

It's happening in Bmore!

Jun. 01, 2010
You'll probably notice a larger than normal concentration of geeks from around the world in and around downtown Baltimore this weekend, thanks to RailsConf, the annual conference for the Ruby on Rails web app design community... read more

Welcome to B'more Pub Night

[B'more on Rails]
May. 24, 2010
B'more on Rails is organizing a number of events for RailsConf 2010, which will be held in Baltimore June 7-10 2010... read more

Ruby on Rails 3.0 moves nearer release

by Paul Krill  May. 26, 2010
Ruby on Rails 3.0, the next major version of the popular Web development framework, is expected to reach a release candidate phase - generally the last phase before a general release - in two weeks. Available in a beta release since February, Rails 3.0 features the merger of Rails with… read more

Who says Baltimore isn't a 'gleaming technology paradise'?

[Baltimore Business Journal]
by Scott Dance  May. 21, 2010
Some local technology entrepreneurs are trying to show a conference of some of the country's top website programmers that instead of "The Wire," Baltimore could be known for a groundswell of technology innovation... read more

RailsConf in Baltimore June 7-10

[Baltimore Sun]
by Gus G. Sentementes  May. 19, 2010
I'm gonna plagiarize a little from Wikipedia here, but Ruby on Rails is an "open-source web application framework" that developers love to use because you can build web apps fast with it. Separately, if you've learned anything about geeks from reading BaltTech, you know they love to conference and un-conference… read more

Rails 3 Release Explored at RailsConf: RailsConf First Major Gathering to Follow Release

[O'Reilly News]
by Maureen Jennings  Feb 18, 2010  Sebastopol, CA, February 18, 2010 -

This year's RailsConf, offers the Rails community the opportunity to delve into the possibilities created by the Rails 3 release. O'Reilly Media and Ruby Central, Inc. have opened registration for RailsConf on June 7-10, 2010, at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD. To ensure that the program includes the most timely content possible, the call for participation remains open until March 17, 2010.

"With the imminent release of Rails 3, RailsConf is destined to be a hotbed of learning, collaboration, and exploration. The Rails framework gets a major internal overhaul with the new release, which will make for a cleaner, more productive experience for programmers. Its new flexibility will certainly provide new ways of getting things done," says RailsConf chair Chad Fowler. "RailsConf is the first major gathering of Rails developers in the wake of this major event."... read more

RailsConf Asks Ruby on Rails Community for Proposals: Call for Participation Now Open

[O'Reilly News]
by Maureen Jennings  Oct. 27, 2009
Sebastopol, CA, October 27, 2009 - The Call for Participation has opened for RailsConf 2010, when the Ruby on Rails community will gather June 7-10, 2010, at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD. RailsConf, co-produced by Ruby Central, Inc. and O'Reilly Media, Inc., is the largest official conference dedicated… read more

Welcome to Ben Scofield - RailsConf Co-Chair

by chad  Oct. 27, 2009
Today we opened the RailsConf Call For Proposals. So we soon begin the several-month process of putting together the program for RailsConf 2010 (in Baltimore!). I'm particularly excited to start the process this year, because we've made ... read more

RailsConf coming to Baltimore in 2010

[Baltimore Sun]
by Mike Subelsky   Sep. 30, 2009
RailsConf, an annual four-day gathering of Ruby-on-Rails enthusiasts, announced this week that their 2010 conference will be held in Baltimore. I've attended it for the past few years and always had a great time. Why is this a big deal?... read more

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