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News Release: RailsConf 2009 Gives Practical Tools for Success: Deeply Technical Sessions Fill Days Dedicated to Rails

[O'Reilly News]
by Maureen Jennings, Conferences Publicist  May 27, 2009  Sebastopol, CA, May 26, 2009 — RailsConf 2009, the annual event for the Ruby on Rails community held May 4-7 in Las Vegas, gave new and experienced Rails users practical tools for staying agile and competitive in an industry being transformed by fast-paced innovation. For four intense days, developers engaged directly with more than 100 expert speakers, learning how to exploit the popular framework’s newest features to solve problems and build businesses.

RailsConf, co-presented by Ruby Central, Inc. and O’Reilly Media, Inc., is the largest official conference dedicated to everything Rails. More than 1,300 web developers, IT managers, web-based business entrepreneurs, and others gathered to learn the basics, catch up on the latest developments, and sharpen their expertise, through a variety of presentations and events arranged by Program Chair Chad Fowler and Associate Chairs David Black and Rich Kilmer. At CabooseConf, a free, parallel unconference, skilled Rails coders from all over the world met in one room to work on their Rails projects... read more

Dead Programmer Society: Fear and Loathing at RailsConf 2009

by Ron Evans  May. 17, 2009
We were around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the excitement began to take hold... we were on our way to RailsConf 2009!... read more

Sunlight Labs: Blog - Post RailsConf

by Eric Mill  May. 12, 2009
Open government got a great spotlight at RailsConf this year, in Las Vegas. Dan Lathrop organized a panel on Government 2.0 there, and was kind enough to ask me to speak about Sunlight, and Wynn Netherland about his great work on ... read more

Jimmy.Thinking: Iron Ruby at RailsConf 2009

by Jimmy Schementi  May. 14, 2009
I spent last week at RailsConf 2009 in Las Vegas representing the IronRuby team. I gave a talk there titled IronRuby on Rails, and spent the 45 minutes talking about the benefits of IronRuby running Rails, or any other Ruby web framework, can provide. This write-up will walk through the… read more

Engine Yard: HTTP Caching

[Engine Yard]
by Michael Mullany  May. 12, 2009
At RailsConf 2009 on Thursday, Ryan Tomayko, creator of Rack::Cache, gave a talk on using HTTP-based caching, and the value of using it in addition to client caching and object caches like Varnish... read more

duncandavidson.com: Rails Magazine Issue No. 2

by 05/13/2009  May. 14, 2009
During RailsConf 2009, the folks over at Rails Magazine contacted me to inquire if they could use my photos from the event in their RailsConf 2009 report. I agreed, and the result is in Rails Magazine Issue No 2... read more

OSNews is Exploring the Future of Computing

by End Point blog  May. 14, 2009
RailsConf 2009 concluded last week so its time for me to talk about some of the highlights for my fellow teammates that could not make it. I think one of the more interesting talks was given by Yahuda Katz. The talk was on the "Russian ... read more

Engine Yard: Everything Has An Interface

[Engine Yard]
by Brain Ford  May. 05, 2009
There is no technical topic closer to my heart than good user interface design. The reason is simple: making my way through the world often requires dodging many traps left by otherwise well-meaning folks who create very difficult interfaces. So I was thrilled to attend the UI Fundamentals for Programmers… read more

bestechvideos.com: RailsConf 2009: Twitter on Rails: Tech Videos, Screencasts ...

by Dmytro Shteflyuk  May. 13, 2009
Twitter's content and APIs make it one of the best targets around for creating mashups. It's now easier than ever to do so using TwitterAuth, a Rails gem/plugin that utilizes Twitter as... read more

adrianx.net: Railsconf 2009 Impressions

by Adrianx  May. 09, 2009
Getting to the point - I attended railsconf for the first time this year, and wanted to share my impressions. Bear in mind this is from the viewpoint of someone who has used rails for going on 1.5 years, tends to be a bit on the antisocial side, and has… read more

Engine Yard: Year of Rails Innovation, Recap

[Engine Yard]
by Nick French  May. 08, 2009
The Rails Envy guys-Gregg Pollack and Jason Seifer-gave a fantastic talk at RailsConf on Friday about all the great Rails apps, tools and plugins that have been released in the past year. Their talk was very thorough and covered a lot of ground, and I thought it was worth mentioning… read more

onrails.org: RailsConf 2009 Day Two

by Solomon White  May. 08, 2009
Next up was Chris Wanstrath. He started with a lead in regarding how to become a famous Rails developer-focusing on yourself, your blog readership numbers, your twitter follower count, etc. Later, he talked about how he went from being an unemployed college dropout to co-founder of the very successful GitHub,… read more

End Point Blog: Rails Conf 2009 - Company Report

by Sean Schofield  May. 14, 2009
RailsConf 2009 concluded last week so its time for me to talk about some of the highlights for my fellow teammates that could not make it. I think one of the more interesting talks was given by Yahuda Katz. The talk was on the "Russian ... read more

Riding Rails: Railsconf 2009 in Review

by Gregg Pollack  May. 13, 2009
First up you can get a summary of the conference by checking out my Railsconf in 34 minutes video. Thanks to O'Reilly you can also watch all the keynotes, the Rails Core panel, the Women in Rails panel, and the Ruby Heroes Award ... read more

Rails Envy: Railsconf 2009 in 34 Minutes

by Gregg Pollack  May. 13, 2009
Here it is, Railsconf in 34 minutes. We've got some great speakers on video here including Charles Nutter, Ilya Grigorik, Jim Weirich, Matt Aimonetti, Michael Koziarski, Neal Ford, Obie Fernandez, Scott Chacon, Yehuda Katz, ... read more

jzlabs.com: RailsConf 2009 Notes ...

by Jason Ting  May. 13, 2009
Can someone smell stale blog? It's been busy on this side and I haven't had any blogworthy material for awhile...until now. I had the opportunity to go to I had the opportunity to go to RailsConf last week in Las Vegas. A lot of smart people, an overwhelming array of… read more

giantrobots.thoughtbot.com: RailsConf 2009 Wrapup — GIANT ROBOTS SMASHING INTO OTHER GIANT ROBOTS

by Nick Quaranto  May. 12, 2009
Now that the fun and games are over and the Rails world is returning to work, this is a great time to appreciate some of the wisdom that was imparted to us last week during RailsConf. We'd also like to thank those who showed up for the ... read more

Snow Giraffe Tech: RailsConf 2009: powered by OMG UNICORNS!!!!

[ Snow Giraffe Tech]
by Blythe  May. 11, 2009
The over all theme of this years RailsConf was: UNICORNS (click me!) I mean, yeah Rails 3 is rad, racks and clouds are great and we are scaling better now, but now with the power of OMG UNICORNS! The Phusion guys even made a Unicorn ... read more

Sunlight Labs: Blog - Post RailsConf

[Sunlight Labs.com]
by Eric Mill  May. 12, 2009
Open government got a great spotlight at RailsConf this year, in Las Vegas. Dan Lathrop organized a panel on Government 2.0 there, and was kind enough to ask me to speak about Sunlight, and Wynn Netherland about his great work on ... read more

Opscode Blog: RailsConf 2009, Full of Awesome!

by Joshua Timberman  May. 12, 2009
RailsConf 2009 may be over, but the work continues back at home as people put into practice the tools and concepts they learned about last week. We are excited about the buzz Chef made at the conference. Between Edd Dumbill's... read more

RubyInside.com: The Mega RailsConf 2009 Round Up

by Peter Cooper  May. 12, 2009
A week ago, RailsConf 2009 kicked off in Las Vegas. As usual, it didn't fall short on drama, interesting sessions, and inspiration for the 1000+ attendees. This post is an after-event summary and long-term source of links to the best ... read more

End Point Blog: Spree at RailsConf

by Steph Powell  May. 11, 2009
Last week at RailsConf 2009, the Spree folks from End Point conducted a Birds of a Feather session to discuss Spree, an End Point sponsored open source rails ecommerce platform. Below is some of the dialog from the discussion ... read more

assert_buggy: RailsConf 2009 the "system" stream

by hungryblank  May. 11, 2009
RailsConf 2009 finished few days ago and after a long trip back and some time to chill out I was going through the material of the conference and trying to connect some dots among the different topics which were covered. ... read more

Thunder Data Business Ideas Blog, Software Programming, Web Design ...

by Gary  May. 11, 2009
The Thunder Data dev team was represented at this year's RailsConf in Las Vegas, and we learned quite a bit. We're starting a series of RailsConf Retrospectives to delve into some of the topics covered at the conference. ... read more

RubyInside.com: Rubystein: Wolfenstein 3D Recreated in Ruby

by Peter Cooper  May. 11, 2009
At RailsConf 2009 (of which a summary will be coming soon to Ruby Inside), Hongli Lai and Ninh Bui of Phusion (the guys behind Passenger) gave a presentation called Scaling Rails... read more

Viget.com: RailsConf 2009 Wrapup

by Ben Scofield  May. 11, 2009
I've been back from RailsConf for a few days now, and I've had a chance to reflect on the things I learned while in Las Vegas for what turned out to be my favorite RailsConf yet. Elsewhere, I wrote about my overall impressions, but for this post I want to… read more

jetbrains.com: Viva RailsConf

[Jet Brains]
by Eugene Toporov  May. 10, 2009
Visiting RailsConf was a really great experience: lots of passionate and smart people doing interesting presentations, keynotes, sessions and tutorials and simply sharing ideas. Let alone the pleasures in Las Vegas itself... read more

InfoWorld: Rails called enterprise-ready

by Paul Krill  May. 08, 2009
Ruby on Rails is enterprise-ready. No joke. Members of the core Rails development team, onstage Thursday for a question-and-answer session with the audience at the RailsConf 2009 conference in Las Vegas, were questioned about the enterprise worthiness of a planned upgrade to the platform... read more

loudthinking.com: We need both engineers and artists in programming

[Loud Thinking by David Heinemeier Hansson]
by David Heinemeier Hansson  May. 11, 2009
Uncle Bob delivered a compelling keynote at RailsConf last week that put forth the argument that what we need most in programming is more professionalism. I loved the delivery, but I disagree with the conclusion... I originally never wanted to be a programmer exactly because I thought the only type… read more

culann.com: Railsconf 2009

by Ben Scofield  May. 10, 2009
Like most of the attendees, I go to Railsconf for the conference, not for the city. I left the conference hotel to see Penn & Teller on Sunday, dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant on Wednesday, and Star Trek on Thursday,... read more

Thumbfight - The Blog: Thumbfight at RailsConf

by Ron Evans  May. 10, 2009
But then, the massive level of Twittering going on pushed the #railsconf hashtag into the top 10. Suddenly, the level of Thumbfighting was actually perceptible amongst the deluge of tweets. In fact, people all over the world who were ... read more

AkitaOnRails.com: RailsConf 09 - Exclusive Audio Interviews

May. 08, 2009
At RailsConf 2008, last year, I interviewed James Lindenbaum about Heroku. They were still in beta at that time. Now they finally released a commercial version with lots of new features. I was particularly surprised to find Ryan Tomayko ... read more

RailsMagazine.com: Special Edition – RailsConf 2009 Report by RailsMagazine.com

May. 09, 2009
This concise issue of Rails Magazine covers RailsConf 2009 – in-depth commentary, photography, pointers to related resources and an interview section... read more

Agile Ajax:RailsConf ‘09: After the RailsConfening ...

[RailsConf news (via Google blog search)]
by Noel Rappin  May. 08, 2009
Pathfinder Development - Running commentary about agile development, user experience design and Ajax... read more

litany against fear: Complate RailsConf 2009 Coverage

[litany against fear]
by Nick Quaranto  May. 08, 2009
Nick Quaranto's complete liveblogging of the conference talks that he attend this year at RailsConf... read more

InfoWorld: Ruby developers urged to use test-driven development

by Paul Krill  May. 07, 2009
For the Ruby language to avoid the same ill fate as Smalltalk, developers must use test-driven development to keep code clean, an industry executive stressed Wednesday evening at the RailsConf 2009 event in Las Vegas... read more

Jake Scruggs: Rails Conf 2009 Second Day of Sessions (Evening)

by Jake Scruggs  May. 07, 2009
What Killed Smalltalk Could Kill Ruby Too Robert Martin (Object Mentor Inc.) First of all it's probably worth tracking down the video of this talk and watching it. Uncle Bob is a crazy talented speaker who knows way too much about software... read more

ComputerWorld: CIO's old role in agile crosshairs

by Mark Everett Hall  May. 07, 2009
At RailsConf this week EngineYard previewed its Flex service that targets enterprises that want to deploy large-scale Ruby-on-Rails applications on EC2... read more

Java World: SwingX, JRuby: Survivors?

[Java World]
by Josh Fruhlinger  May. 07, 2009
Deciding what projects will live and what projects will die once Java has "Property of Oracle" stamped on its behind is, of course, Oracle's job; but predicting those outcomes is good clean fun for everyone... read more

End Point Blog: Rails Optimization @RailsConf

by Steph Powell  May. 07, 2009
On my second day of RailsConf, I attended a talk on Advanced Performance Optimization of Rails Applications. Although it was reminiscent of college as I felt compelled to write down and memorize lots of trivial information, I appreciate ... read more

Katz Got Your Tongue? RailsConf Wrapup

by Yehuda Katz   May. 08, 2009
I had a really great time at RailsConf. I met a ton of really cool people bursting with enthusiasm for great projects. I sort of knew this already, but now I know it viscerally: the diversity of things that people are doing with Rails ... read more

Jake Scruggs: Rails Conf 2009 Second Day of Sessions (Morning)

by Jake Scruggs  May. 06, 2009
During the morning session Engine Yard announced their new Rails on EC2 (Amazon's compute cloud) solution: Flex You can one button deploy to the cloud. It is a self healing cluster: Each node is in a load balancing pool. If one fails they automatically startup a new one to take… read more

java.net: Rails Conf 2009 Day 3 - Chris's Keynote

by Arun Gupta  May. 06, 2009
An informal survey this morning at Rails Conf 2009 keynote showed: 40% Rails developers in startup, 30% Rails developers in consulting, 30% Rails developers work in internal projects... read more

InfoWorld: Software development gender gap pondered

[InfoWorld ]
by Paul Krill  May. 06, 2009
At the RailsConf 2009 conference in Las Vegas Tuesday, three women involved in software development tackled the issue in a session entitled "Women in Rails." Causes for the imbalance ranging from a lack of women in computer science programs to women leaving the field to have babies and underestimating their… read more

InfoWorld : Rails founder touts framework's stability, responds to criticisms

[InfoWorld ]
by Paul Krill  May. 05, 2009
Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson also advised programmers at the RailsConf 2009 event.. read more

MarketWatch.com: Blue Box Group and Gear6 Partner to Deliver Memcached-as-a-Service Solution

May. 06, 2009
Blue Box Group ( www.blueboxgrp.com), a leader in Rails hosting and web management services, and Gear6 ( www.gear6.com), the leading provider of scalable Memcached solutions, announced today a partnership to develop and deliver a highly available Memcached-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution which will be available to all Blue Box Group customers... read more

InfoWorld: JRuby to live on after Sun-Oracle merger, engineer says

[InfoWorld ]
by Paul Krill  May. 06, 2009
JRuby, a Sun Microsystems-driven implementation of the Ruby language for the Java Virtual Machine, is being used in a range of applications including one to battle infectious diseases. But like other Sun technologies, it remains to be seen how Oracle, which plans to buy Sun, will deal with it... read more

dev@courseadvisor: Notes on David Heinemeier Hansson's Keynote at RailsConf 2009

by C Wade  May. 06, 2009
These are my notes on David Heinemeier Hansson's (aka DHH's) keynote at RailsConf 2009. Rails hasn't changed all that much. DHH has been working with Rails for 5 years now. He's realized that we're largely doing the same things now that we were doing 5 years ago - the fundamental… read more

Rails Inside.com: An Early RailsConf 2009 Roundup

[Rails Inside.com]
by Peter Cooper  May. 06, 2009
We're two days into proceedings here at RailsConf and things have gone pretty smoothly. One day of tutorials and one day of the conference proper with over 1000 developers in attendance. Gregg Pollack of RailsEnvy has put together a 4 ... read more

OSNews.com: End Point blog: Cinco de Rails

by Steph Powell  May. 05, 2009
Today was my first day of sessions at @railsconf. In fact, it was my first time at a technical conference and RailsConf. And because I am a relatively new to rails development, I took away a plethora of information. I wrote down some notes on things I want to read,… read more

CIO.com: Cucumber: Hot New Technology At Developer Event

by Paul Krill  May. 06, 2009
Several hundred people filled an afternoon session on Cucumber at the RailsConf 2009 conference Tuesday in Las Vegas. With Cucumber, software development teams describe in plain text how software should behave... read more

Jake Scruggs: Rails Conf 2009 First Day of Sessions (Morning)

by Jake Scruggs  May. 05, 2009
Here are some thoughts expressed by David during his keynote: You can win argument merely based on the strength of your arguments, most often it just takes some time for good ideas to sink in... read more

Edublogs.org: RailsConf 2009 Day One

by Tidak ada Komentar   May. 06, 2009
Next, he outlined some basic ideas of the Rails 3 coolness: Lock up all the unicorns: notably This is not a mount up to rewrite. No "Sacred Cows" allowed: notably Everything is on the itemization in the achieve a conquest upon realizable tan in Rails 3... read more

O'Reilly.com: Personalizing the Learning Conversation

by Simon St. Laurent  May. 05, 2009
After last night's Teaching Rails BOF at RailsConf, I couldn't help but reflect on how much people's expectations for learning about technology have changed in the last twenty years. The old model of "here's the information, go do something with it" isn't enough any more, as we become more and… read more

Sun.com: Rails Conf 2009 Day 2 - DHH Keynote

by Arun Gupta  May. 05, 2009
Rails Conf Day 2 start with DHH's keynote. The room was packed and SRO. It was interesting to know that 70% of the attendees are first timers and only a handful have attended for all 4 years in a row. This is my second in the US... read more

litany against fear: RailsConf 2009 DHH Keynote

by Nick Quaranto  May. 05, 2009
This is part of my series of notes on RailsConf 2009. Check them all out here. Rails 3! This year marks the fifth year of working with Rails (six really for him). We're largely doing the same things from 5 years ago. Stop fretting so much if you're up to… read more

O'Reilly.com: Dreaming of Rails as the Next Microsoft Access

by Simon St. Laurent  May. 04, 2009
Rails? Access? Isn't that confusing the cutting edge with the office drones? No, actually - it's not. Up until Rails, Microsoft Access had been my preferred tool for creating applications centered on a relational database. The first time I got to work with Access, in 1994, I was overwhelmed and… read more

Arun Gupta's Blog: Rails Conf 2009 Day 2 Trip Report

[Arun Gupta's Blog]
by Arun Gupta  May. 06, 2009
Q. Should women be given free/discounted tickets to RailsConf ? A. If women can't pay for it, then devChix can help them. RailsConf have helped before. It'll help if childcare is available. Q. Why are we only looking at CS? ... read more

onrails.org: RailsConf 2009 Day One

by Solomon White  May. 06, 2009
I've just finished my first day of RailsConf 09. Things have gotten started well—I've met several interesting people, found some interesting people to follow on twitter. I'll try to post as much as I can in the way of reviews for those ... read more

Rails Dog: RailsConf Kicks Off

[Rails Dog]
by Rails Dog  May. 06, 2009
Well today was the first day of talks here at RailsConf. DHH kicked things off with an opening speech. He spent some time talking about Rails 3.0 features but unfortunately it was hard to follow the slides in the back. ... read more

Rails Envy: Railsconf 2009 - Tutorials Day

[Rails Envy]
by Gregg  May. 05, 2009
Railsconf 2009 - Tutorials Day. by gregg on May 05, 2009. Couldn't make it to Railsconf this year? That's okay, I'm going to be putting together a bunch of videos so you can see what's been going on. Starting with this one: ... read more

A Hill of Beans: RailsConf 09: Flex on Rails with RubyAMF

by Tony  May. 05, 2009
RailsConf has been a fun time so far. It's halfway through the second day, which is the first of regular sessions. I went to the tutorial sessions on Chef and Sinatra yesterday and caught up on some things I've been behind on, ... read more

onrails.org: RailsConf 2009

by Daniel Wanja  May. 05, 2009
RailsConf 2009. Slides of the presentations can be found here as they are released. Follow “official” news on Twitter. DHH Keynote notes. Video links to come soon. ... read more

Charles Engelke's Blog: RailsConf Keynote

by Charles Engelke  May. 05, 2009
David Heinemeier Hansson is opening the conference, quite appropriately, and saying a lot of interesting things about the past and future of Rails. The conference is going to post video of the keynote in a ... read more

InfoWorld: Rails 3 to add security enhancement

[InfoWorld ]
by Paul Krill  May. 05, 2009
Rails 3, which is to feature a merger of Rails with the Merb framework, will be fitted with protection against cross-site scripting attacks, said Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson, in an interview on Monday afternoon. He will be presenting at the RailsConf 2009 event in Las Vegas... read more

loudthinking.com: So how do we get more women into Rails?

[Loud Thinking ]
by David Heinemeier Hansson  May. 01, 2009
Now that the internet hysteria is dying down, I'd love to explore some of the more concrete things that we could do to actually get more women involved. As I've stated earlier, I doubt simply refraining from having saucy pictures of pole dancers is going to do the trick. If… read more

Arun Gupta's Blog: Rails Conf 2009 - Day 1 Trip Report

[Arun Gupta's Blog]
by Arun Gupta  May. 05, 2009
Rails Conf 2009 started this morning. The first day consists of morning and afternoon tutorials. I attended Nick Sieger's JRuby on Rails tutorial, the slides are available. A survey in the room showed... read more

ruby.about.com: RailsConf 2009 Begins Today, "Women in Rails" of Particular Interest

by Amanda & Michael Morin  May. 04, 2009
RailsConf 2009, the largest conference dedicated to Ruby on Rails, kicks off today in Las Vegas. The event is co-produced by O'Reilly Media, Inc. and Ruby Central, Inc. and is a full four days of presentations, talks and workshops all ... read more

Sunlight Labs: Blog - Open Government at RailsConf

by Eric Mill  Apr. 24, 2009
We'll be at railsconf playing with OpenSecrets.org data. Join us! http://bit.ly/1a28Tt; cjoh: Just did a radio interview with @radiobabe; jamesturk: excellent post on the 50states project from sunlight #gsoc student and 50states ... read more

Vinsol.com: 5 Fresh Apps to Maximize your RailsConf 09 Experience

by Kapil  May. 01, 2009
We will be again going to Rails Conf this year and are pretty psyched about meeting all the great developers in the conference. Here is a list of 5 apps... read more

Agile Ajax: RailsConf 2009: The RailsConfening Pathfinder ...

[Agile Ajax]
by Noel Rappin  Apr. 24, 2009
Pathfinder Development - Running commentary about agile development, user experience design and Ajax... read more

ChadFowler.com: RailsConf Speaker Interview: Mike Subelsky

by Chad Fowler  Apr. 22, 2009
Next up in my series of RailsConf speaker interviews is Mike Subelsky, co-founder of OtherInbox and avid SproutCore developer. (SproutCore was used, among other things, to develop Apple's MobileMe UI and presents a Cocoa-like ... read more

railsdog: Five Reasons to Go to RailsConf

by railsdog  Apr. 16, 2009
RailsConf is less than three weeks away now but there is still time to sign up if you're interested in coming. With the recent reduction in the hotel price ($99) it might be worth considering. Here are a few more reasons to go this year in no particular order... read more

O'Reilly Conference Blog: RailsConf 2009 Speaker Interviews

by Suzanne Axtell  Apr. 15, 2009
RailsConf program chair Chad Fowler is conducting a series of speaker interviews in the run-up to the event, which is happening very soon, May 4-7 in Las Vegas. Mosey on over to to read more about Neal Ford and Paul Gross of ThoughtWorks, Michael Bleigh, who is Creative Director and… read more

Edd Dumbill: Speaking about Chef at RailsConf

by Edd Dumbill  Apr. 14, 2009
Speaking about Chef at RailsConf. At RailsConf 2009, I'll be presenting a three hour tutorial on the configuration management system, Chef — Running the Show: Configuration Management with Chef. Configuration management isn't just for ... read more

Nimble Method: Advanced Performance Optimization of Rails ...

[Nimble Method]
by Alexander Dymo  Apr. 08, 2009
Things have never been so exciting! We come to RailsConf again and this time not to spectate, but to speak! I will be giving a talk on advanced performance optimization of Rails applications on May 5th at 14:50 PDT in... read more

Heroku at Railsconf

by Morten  Mar. 30, 2009
Heroku is gearing up for Railsconf 09 in Las Vegas, and just like last year, we've got a sweet line-up for y'all Kicking things off on Monday, Sinatra co-creator Blake Mizerany will be hosting an in-depth tutorial on the the micro-framework that's sweeping the Ruby nation right now... read more

RailsConf Interview by Chad Fowler with Paul Gross and me ...

by Neal Ford  Apr. 07, 2009
One of the marketing tools that RailsConf uses is a series of interviews with upcoming talks. Chad sent some interview questions to Paul and myself around our upcoming talk Rails in the Large: Building the Largest Rails Application in ... read more

The written word remains: I'm Speaking at RailsConf 2009!

by Alexander Dymo  Apr. 08, 2009
One is the preparation of the annual KDevelop Team Meeting which I'll write about later and another one is preparing for my RailsConf 2009 presentation called "Advanced Performance Optimization of Rails Applications". ... read more

RailsConf Speaker Interview: Neal Ford and Paul Gross

by ChadFowler  Apr. 02, 2009
Neal and Paul have been working on some huge Rails applications at ThoughtWorks and will be talking about how they do it in the session, Rails in the Large:How We’re Developing the Largest Rails Project in the World, at RailsConf. ... read more

RailsConf Speaker Interview: Michael Bleigh

[Chad Fowler's Conference Blog]
by Chad Fowler  Mar. 19, 2009
Next up in my series of RailsConf speaker interviews is Michael Bleigh, who is Creative Director and Open-Source Activist at Intridea in Washington D.C. Michael will be presenting Twitter on Rails at RailsConf this year, highlighting a small but growing trend of applications using Twitter as a communication platform. You… read more

RailsConf Speaker Interview: Obie Fernandez

[Chad Fowler's Conference Blog]
by Chad Fowler  Mar. 16, 2009
Continuing my series of RailsConf speaker interviews, next up is Obie Fernandez... Obie started and runs the Rails consultancy Hashrocket and is the author of the best selling The Rails Way. At RailsConf, Obie will be presenting a Blood, Sweat, and Rails, which if it’s anything like his talk at… read more

RailsConf Speaker Interview: Charlie Nutter and Evan Phoenix

[Chad Fowler's Conference Blog]
by Chad Fowler  Mar. 10, 2009
As I did for last year's, I'm starting a series of interviews of speakers at this year's to be held May 4-7 in Las Vegas. First up are two of my Ruby heroes: Charlie Nutter and Evan Phoenix, leaders of the Ruby and Rubinius projects respectively. Whenever two people with… read more

Ruby on Rails: 2009 Ruby Hero Awards

[Ruby on Rails.com]
by Gregg Pollack  Feb. 18, 2009
The 6 winners will be announced on stage at RailsConf 2009, which is just around the corner. So if you know someone Ruby or Rails community who deserves some recognition, please take 2 minutes and submit a nomination for them.... read more

Code Crafted: Speaking at RailsConf in Vegas!

by Elle  Feb. 18, 2009
3 other women (who i know from an online programming community known as devChix) and i got together and submitted a proposal to speak on a panel at RailsConf. i attended the last 2 years, both in Portland, Oregon. due to the minority of ... read more

Merb Merges with Rails 3

[Redmond Developer News]
by John K. Waters  Feb. 02, 2009
Though the recent announcement that the Ruby on Rails project will merge its efforts with the rival Merb framework in the development of Rails 3 means there won't be a choice among two Ruby frameworks, the move promises to alleviate community fracture.... read more

News Release: RailsConf Opens Registration and Spotlights Rails' Next Generation: Rails 3 - Merges Rails and Merb

by Maureen Jennings, Conferences Publicist  Jan 26, 2009  

Sebastopol, CA, January 26, 2009 - Want to see Rails 3 roll out? O’Reilly Media and Ruby Central have opened registration for RailsConf 2009, happening May 4-7, 2009, at the Las Vegas Hilton. RailsConf, the official event for the Ruby on Rails community, will showcase the latest developments in the merger of Rails and Merb into Rails 3.

RailsConf, co-presented by Ruby Central, Inc. and O’Reilly Media, Inc., is the largest official conference dedicated to everything Rails. Innovative and successful Rails experts and companies interact at RailsConf through keynotes, sessions, tutorials, panels, and events. The conference provides attendees with examples of business models, development paradigms, and design strategies which enable new arrivals to the Web and Rails to take advantage of this new generation of services and opportunities.

... read more

Application Development Trends: Merb Merges with Rails 3

[Application Development Trends]
by John K. Waters  Jan. 14, 2009
The Christmas announcement that the Ruby on Rails project would be merging its efforts with the rival Merb framework in the development of Rails 3 was good news and not-so-good. For Ruby developers worried about a community fracture, it was probably good news; for those who liked the idea of… read more

InfoWorld News: Ruby on Rails on track for major upgrades

[InfoWorld News]
by Paul Krill  Jan. 12, 2009
It is looking like a very busy year for the popular Ruby on Rails Web application development framework, with multiple enhancements anticipated in an upgrade due this month, followed by a merger later on with the Merb Web framework. First on deck is the 2.3 release of the open source… read more

eWeek: Rubyists Unite! Ruby on Rails, Merb to Merge in Rails 3

by Darryl K. Taft  Jan. 12, 2009
Rubyists Unite! Well, that's exactly what happened over the recent holiday break. The once warring Ruby on Rails and rival Merb communities decided to mend their rift and work together to integrate the best of Merb into the next major release of Ruby on Rails, also known as RoR or… read more

InfoWorld News: Rails and Merb Web frameworks agree to merge

[InfoWorld News]
by James Niccolai  Dec. 24, 2008
The Web development frameworks Rails and Merb have decided to end their rivalry and join forces in a single project, they said Tuesday. The "probably-over-optimistic goal" is to have a beta of Rails 3 ready for the RailsConf in May, he said... read more

News Release: RailsConf 2009 Opens Call for Participation: Extended Review Period Will Include Up-to-the-minute Materials

by Maureen Jennings, Conferences Publicist  Oct. 14, 2008
Sebastopol, CA, October 14, 2008--RailsConf 2009 will gather the Ruby on Rails community in Las Vegas May 4-7, 2009, at the Las Vegas Hilton. Ruby Central, Inc. and O'Reilly Media, Inc. have opened the Call for Participation, which will remain open an extra three months in order to accommodate the… read more
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