Scaling with MySQL using Materialized Views and a Shared Everything architecture

Moshe Shadmon (ScaleDB)

ScaleDB is a transactional storage engine for MySQL. It is based on innovative indexing technology that provides high performance for large, disk based data sets. It provides for MySQL the functionality of Materialized Views and as it operates over the source data, it obviates the need to maintain a replica and synchronize between the source data and the replica.

ScaleDB’s architecture is a Shared Everything architecture that allows multiple servers to access a single database in a way that updates to the database are synchronized among the servers. Whenever a server queries data, it is guaranteed that it will receive the current version. This approach supports growth in the data size or growth in the number of users by adding additional servers to the cluster with no disruption to existing processes. It eliminates the need to partition the data.

In this session, we will demonstrate how views can be materialized using MySQL and ScaleDB. We will also demonstrate a Shared Everything architecture with MySQL and ScaleDB. The demo will show access to a database from multiple servers on a cluster thus providing parallel computing power at low cost.

Moshe Shadmon


Moshe Shadmon is the founder and CTO of ScaleDB. Moshe is the creator of the ScaleDB indexing technology and has more than 20 years of experience in both technical and management roles. Moshe’s technical experience has been in the areas of high performance indexing solutions as well as the development of a unified solution for structured and semi-structured data. Since 2006, Moshe has become increasingly interested in the opportunity presented by the open source databases and founded ScaleDB to develop a database engine for MySQL targeting performance, efficiency and scalability with the largest data sets.

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