Michael J. Staggs
Chief Investigator, FireEye, Inc.


Dr. Michael J. Staggs has more than 20 years of network security experience. His 13 years at the Consolidated Space Operations Center working for Contel, GTE and Lockheed Martin culminated in a Chief Security Engineer position for the Allied Signal/50th Space Wing. Dr. Staggs spent several years in the commercial IT security world as a consultant, principal engineer and sales engineer for Fortune 500 clients. He is a United States Navy veteran and received his education credentials through studies at several accredited colleges and universities including University of Arizona, Pima and Florida Keys Colleges, University of Phoenix and St Leo’s University.


Location: Marina Ballroom D
Michael J. Staggs (FireEye, Inc.)
Bots, Bot Herders, Botnets. You hear these terms with increasing frequency, but what do they mean? What are bots? How do they propagate? What do they do? And most importantly—why do I care? This session provides attendees with an overview of botnet behavior, attacks and countermeasures. Read more.

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