Kathy Sierra

Kathy Sierra
Author, Blogger, Creating Passionate Users

Kathy Sierra worked as a game programmer, interaction designer, and learning specialist (Sun Microsystems, UCLA Extension) before co-creating the best-selling Head First series for O’Reilly. She was the original creator of one of the largest software developer communities, javaranch.com, and the author of a Technorati Top 100 blog, “Creating Passionate Users.”


Location: Marina Ballroom D
Kathy Sierra (Creating Passionate Users)
Can a PowerPoint business presentation be riveting? Can a tech manual be a page-turner? In this workshop, you'll map your presentation, nonfiction book, or even a user guide into a compelling three-act story template. Read more.
Location: Marina Ballroom D
Kathy Sierra (Creating Passionate Users)
What does it take to be really, really, really good at something? Are our tech tools making us smarter, dumbing us down, or...? The good news: having a "natural talent" for something is a lot less crucial for expertise than we thought. Read more.

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