J. C. Herz

J. C. Herz
CEP, Batchtags LLC

J.C. Herz (jnhq@yahoo.com) is a technologist with a background in biological systems and computer game design. Her specialty is massively multiplayer systems that leverage social network effects, whether on the web, mobile devices, or more exotic high-end or grubby low-end hardware. J.C. is a founding member of the IEEE Task Force on Game Technologies, and has done information analysis and visualization research for DARPA. She is the author of two books, Surfing on the Internet and Joystick Nation, and was a technology columnist for the New York Times. She has spoken at Game Developers’ Conference, SIGGRAPH, and TED.


Location: Mission Hills
J. C. Herz (Batchtags LLC)
This presentation gives a whirlwind overview of the shiny vizporn and kinetic data sculptures to date and explains what it takes to make synthesis and visualization of Web 2.0 data useful on a daily basis, for individuals and groups. Read more.

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