"Emergence of Tomorrow" - A Soviet Approach

Johannes Grenzfurthner (monochrom, and University of Applied Sciences Graz)

Soviet Unterzögersdorf (pronounced “oon-taa-tsee-gars-doorf”) is the last existing appanage republic of the USSR. The enclave maintains no diplomatic relationship with the surrounding so-called “Republic of Austria” or with the Fortress “European Union”. The downfall of her motherland – the Soviet Union – in the early 1990s had a particularly bad effect on the country’s economic situation.

It is a great challenge to secure survival for the small but proud confederation. External reactionary forces put the country in danger. It’s a lack of respect due to a morally corrupted and perhaps even non-existing unity of the peoples. The goal of a glorious future is almost unreachable.

But his Excellency Ambassadorf of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf understands the immense transformative power of technology and innovation and how they can improve the lives of all citizens. He see that technology offers the tools to create real change.

Photo of Johannes Grenzfurthner

Johannes Grenzfurthner

monochrom, and University of Applied Sciences Graz

Johannes Grenzfurthner is artist, writer, curator, director.

He holds a professorship for art theory and art practice at the University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria.

Johannes Grenzfurthner is founder of monochrom, an internationally acting art and theory group. Most of his artistic output is labeled as “monochrom”.

He has attended many international symposia and conferences, published numerous essay and articles on contemporary art, science and philosophy. He writes for various online/print magazines and radio stations.

He is head of “Arse Elektronika” festival in San Francisco (2007-) and co-hosting “Roboexotica” (Festival for Cocktail-Robotics) in Vienna (2002-)

He wrote and directed a couple of theatre plays, mainly at Volkstheater, Vienna.

Recurring topics in Johannes Grenzfurthner’s artistic and textual work are: contemporary art, activism, performance, humour, philosophy, postmodernism, media theory, cultural studies, popular culture studies, science fiction, and the debate about copyright.


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